Raspberry Pi and Akka / Scala

This post is about running Akka on the Raspberry Pi, but because this is so simple to do I will also talk about a simpler development and deployment process.

Clearly from the posts before you can see that the Java JVM on Raspbian is not very fast, so I looked at a process of developing a Scala / Akka application on my Linux desktop and just copy it to the Raspberry Pi as a Jar file and execute there, to remove the tedious wait during the compilation of my source code.

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Raspberry Pi and Scala: The Typesafe Stack

Following on from my earlier post I wanted to get the the full Typesafe Stack on my little Raspberry Pi.

So here we go:

according to the documentation on the Typesafe website you should use the “Universal install”, i.e. download a tarball and copy it to a place of your choice.

wget http://downloads.typesafe.com/typesafe-stack/2.0.2/typesafe-stack-2.0.2.tgz
tar xovzf typesafe-stack-2.0.2.tgz
sudo mv typesafe-stack /opt
chown -R bin.bin /opt/typesafe-stack

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Raspberry Pi and Scala

This is a little experience report how to bring up Scala on my RaspberryPi

Raspberry Pi Image

Step 1: Java

I have connected my Raspberry only with power and network (no keyboard/mouse/display) for now and log in via ssh from my Linux desktop. Not only to save cables on the desk, but also to allow copy and paste between desktop and RaspberryPi. I am running Raspbian wheezy 2012-08-16 downloaded from the Raspberry website.

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