Installing Ruby and Jekyll

Now, this is my first step in the Ruby world, so apologize if I am doing dumb things here.

On a Mac  Ruby was preinstalled, but on Linux 13.10 I needed to do this before installing Jekyll.

First step:

$ sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1

this installs a few things around ruby, but you also need:

$ sudo apt-get install rubygems1.9.1

this installs the gem processor, and we should all be set, then:

$ sudo gem install jekyll

tries to fetch a few things and then builds everything for jekyll.

Last step is to go to the directory of your jekyll project

$ jekyll serve

This fires up jekyll in a webserver on http://localhost:4000


Enough for today, stay tuned.

Cheers, Tobias.


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